Thursday’s Thoughts

Its been a week since I posted, I have been under the weather with a bad chest infection meaning I have also been off work for a few days. Anyway I am back at my desk and sitting having my lunch, gone for the healthy option of tomato and roasted pepper soup with some homemade tuna sandwiches from Jane.


In other news I’m slowly coming round to the decision that Facebook is a load of crap and I want to have my own spot on the web to post my actual thoughts rather than the fake ‘look at me’ life style portrayed on other social media platforms. So here I am blogging and I must admit I do enjoy battering my thoughts out on the keyboard, not for likes or for recognition but just for me to vent!

So expect to see more of these daily/weekly updates on random topics that of interest to me and only me. Who knows this might take off but I highly doubt it. Its more  a place for me to look back and remember what I was doing at a certain point in life. Anyway I have finished the soup so now on to the sandwiches mmmmmmm. Until next time…….