Thursday’s Thoughts


Its been a whole week since I posted on my blog, was busy with Easter over the weekend and getting back in the zone at work. On that note work has been busy this week with me designing mockup wireframes for a tablet app we are creating. The problem is when I create my UI designs I run them past colleagues and get a variety of opinions on what it should look like and what they think the design should be. This is extremely frustrating when you have already agreed on a design the week before and have created all the stories for developers to work on. Back to the drawing board and a re write of the stories. trying to keep everyone happy in a Business Analyst role is tricky, especially when you are surrounded by people with strong opinions. Anyway that’s the work rant over for now.

In other news we have the house move still on our minds and have decided to move closer to the end of the month as this gives us time to sort our stuff out and gives us a little financial breathing space. With the car being serviced this week my funds are low and so will need to wait and have a quiet month in order to pay removals guy and finalise bills for the current house. That as well as get bits and pieces for the flat to make it feel like home again.

With the thought of the move and Summer just around the corner my fiancee Jane has seriously kicked into diet mode and I think I am going to join her as my waist line is getting out of control. So this week at work its tuna sandwiches and water with the odd cuppa here and there. I guess sits not that hard once you get into a routine but its night time I find difficult. Trying not to munch whilst watching the box is a hard one. Going to knock my alcohol intake on the head as well as it does me zero favors and I can sometimes find myself lacking at work on a Monday (or Tuesday in this case as it was Easter Monday).

This weekend will consist of emptying the house of all the crap we don’t need, multiple trips to the local tip and trying to get some stuff listed on Gumtree etc. If I can find the time I need to get the car washed and might rt and fit in some family time and go visit the Grandparents in Edinburgh.

Well that’s me finished my sandwiches, think I’ll go get a cup of tea and get back to listening to Spotify. Don’t tell anyone but I thought the new Harry Styles tune is ok. Jeezus I can’t believe I just said that, I need help. Back to Oasis is is then!. Until next time……