Friday Weigh In

So last week I properly admitted to being a fat b@st@rd and thought its time to do something about it. I stood on the scales this morning for the Friday weigh in and was disappointed to find I was 16st 13 pounds. That’s like zero change even though I have been pretty good this week, I did slip up and had a chicken kebab mid week and I’ve had a few beers throughout the week. But I have been strict with lots of water at work and sticking to sandwich and soup everyday. At night I haven’t been snacking on crap so I am a bit miffed as to why there has been zero change.

Oh I also need to add that in the morning I try and have a bowl of Shreddies Max Protein, this stuff is the muts with some cold semi skimmed milk mmmmm.

Last week I weighed in at just over 17st but to be honest my weight fluctuates so much. At night I can stand on the scales and be 17.1 and in the morning I am 16.8, this doesn’t sound right to me?

I keep on with the diet and just hope it starts to drop off. In the middle of a move just now so all a bit hectic but I do plan on getting out and running, well fast walking to start with as I want to get the weight off for my birthday in June. At least keeping my weekly Friday blog post about it keeps me motivated to reach a target.