The Move – It Begins


I have spent the last six months trying to decide where me and my family should live. Having recently become a father for the first time to out lovely son Finlay we thought it best to move to a 3 bed family home in a quiet town next to my parents. I was in a 3 bed flat/maisonette which was four flights of stairs but was in a lovely setting with great amenities and lovely views out the window. The house I am now in is a lovely family home but its decor is dated and its in a very quite estate next to old neighbors and there inst really anything nearby for my fiancee to do when I am at work.

So after many discussions and arguments about where we should live today we have finally made the bold decision to move back to the flat, most people would say we are crazy but we are doing it for what we see as all the correct reasons:

  • Better living environmnet
  • Nicer setting
  • Better education
  • Easy access to trains to major cities
  • Shops, bars and cafes right on our doorstep
  • More secure being in a flat

Some of the downsides:

  • Parking is a bit of a nightmare
  • Reduced space meaning nowheer for me personally to have my own ‘geek’ space
  • Lots of stiars
  • Neighbours above causing noise
  • Need to install a bathroom at some point

To give this post some background the flat I have owned and lived in since 2008 and have had many life experiences in, this was one of the factors for moving and starting a fresh. I have moved in and out of the flat four times (if I count right) which is a bit crazy but I am sure this time it will be the last, even though I have said this before! Its probably worth mentioning that we have already moved three times in the past 18 months so the thought of doing it yet again and back to the same adds to the stress, as if its not stressful enough.

I am blogging this so I can keep a diary of how we get on as a family, especially now with a 4 month old baby to think about. I made a start by getting our current house listed and getting a man with a van booked to do the move on the 5th May. So lets see how we get on and stay tuned for updates as we go. Should be easy as done it plenty of times now……