Friday Weigh In

So last week I properly admitted to being a fat b@st@rd and thought its time to do something about it. I stood on the scales this morning for the Friday weigh in and was disappointed to find I was 16st 13 pounds. That’s like zero change even though I have been pretty good this week, I did slip up and had a chicken kebab mid week and I’ve had a few beers throughout the week. But I have been strict with lots of water at work and sticking to sandwich and soup everyday. At night I haven’t been snacking on crap so I am a bit miffed as to why there has been zero change.

Oh I also need to add that in the morning I try and have a bowl of Shreddies Max Protein, this stuff is the muts with some cold semi skimmed milk mmmmm.

Last week I weighed in at just over 17st but to be honest my weight fluctuates so much. At night I can stand on the scales and be 17.1 and in the morning I am 16.8, this doesn’t sound right to me?

I keep on with the diet and just hope it starts to drop off. In the middle of a move just now so all a bit hectic but I do plan on getting out and running, well fast walking to start with as I want to get the weight off for my birthday in June. At least keeping my weekly Friday blog post about it keeps me motivated to reach a target.


The Diet Starts Here!

Woke up the morning and took one look at my gut and thought FFS this cannot go on any longer. Its at the point where none of my clothes fit me and I feel like a tramp so I need to loose the extra weight. The scales say I am just over 17 stone which to me is shocking, I used to be 14.5 stone back in 2013/14, so I have gained nearly 3 STONE…… WTF!!!!


I am typing this as I it at my desk at work staring at a banana and a bottle of water. I hear this is the hey to dieting well, so this is the beginning. I doubt I will ever get back down to 14.5 stone but my ideal target is 15 stone. This would mean I can get back into the clothes I like and start dressing more work like, rather than jeans and a t-shirt. Luckily I get away with this as I work in an office full of developers where they don’t bother about fashion or how you look. But it bothers me and I want to be healthy again.

Hopefully by blogging about it I can be strict with myself and and my aim will be to stick to a routine daily diet, something like:


  • Banana or bran flakes for breakfast


  • Soup or home made tuna sandwiches on brown bread


  • Chciken Stir Fry
  • Steak
  • Chicken Ommellette
  • Salmon with baby pototoes
  • Pasta¬†Arrabiata
  • Soup


  • Tea
  • The odd bit of dark chocolate
  • Fruit

Stuff I am cutting out

  • Alcohol
  • Takeaways
  • Pizza
  • Morning rols on sausage etc
  • Crossaints
  • Anything I deem unhealthy


Anyway lets see how I get on, stay tuned for updates!